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The Food & Agriculture Industry contributes to 24% of all greenhouse gasses; 8% of that waste is avoidable, domestic food waste.

After years as a skint young mum who had the luck of learning to cook, half a kitchen of my grannie’s utensils and a cavalier attitude towards health and safety, I wanted to build a site to help people to reduce their waste.

Building on my knowledge of food waste, sustainability and my enjoyment of telling stories, I’ve been fortunate to tell my story over Instagram, The Guardian, The Observer, The Evening Stanard


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Food waste contributes 8% to global food emissions… but the numbers are too big and, when you’re looking at some decaying lettuce or mouldy satsumas, the connection isn’t easy to make.

StorrCupboard combines my lived experience of bringing up two small children on *cough* modest income with a bloody-minded will to provide home-cooked meals. 

Hubbub’s research has shown that a skills deficit is at the heart of many people’s waste problem. Tackling this through StorrCupboard, my recipes intentionally never need a food mixer, or specialist equipment; recipes are simple, and assume a low-level of knowledge. 

Many people don’t care about food provenance, they’re just trying to save money. By talking about food waste with an open and accessible point of view, I’ve learned from wide audiences about their feelings about sustainability. food, and how they can make sustainable differences in their home and families.

Food waste continues to be a problem for organisations and consumers; skill gaps stop people from cooking with confidence. Challenges vary by demographic and age, but combining consumer insight, humour, warmth and compassion for people’s challenges, I provide insights and programmes that can help your staff or audience to be empowered to make change.


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StorrCupboard has provided me with opportunities to share my food waste message with my community on Instagram, on BBC Earth, The Guardian, Women’s Weekly and more.

My booking for BBC Earth’s Regeneration was secured after the director/producer saw me speak about the intersection of food waste and food politics. My background in research and charities has given me a solid grounding in hard data, policy and ethics. 

I’m also quite funny, and don’t mind an argument or standing up for the underdog. Sustainability messaging should be nuanced, meeting people where they are and provide bite-sid, actionable solutions that your audience can use to change their lives, now.

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