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Hi, I’m Ann Storr

I’m a London based food writer and PR who specialises in tackling domestic food waste. We all know that food waste is a major environmental and societal problem. No-one intends to waste food, but between a lack of education, sophisticated supermarket selling and busy lives, every household wastes around £470 in food every year. We all need to do better.

My nuanced storytelling in writing, PR, comms, events, teaching and social media strategy brings campaigns to life and brings new business, increases brand visibility and makes sure that the right people hear your message.

“Ann always finds the way of making a complicated scientific messages understandable for the general public. She makes them colourful and fun to read too. Ann brings hard science to life!”

Professor Louise Arseneault, FMedSci ESRC

Mental Health Leadership Fellow , King’s College, London

Alexandra Rose Charity

Alexandra Rose Charity has a unique mission: it increases people’s access to their own choice of fruit and veg. ARC sees that choice is empowering: families know what to feed their children, but lack the ability to afford their own fruit and veg. ARC changes this.

HelloFresh offered ARC a leaflet drop in their 45,000 boxes. From this generous offer, I spearheaded a campaign to increase ARC’s reach and engagement; using a case study I had collected previously, I devised a campaign that increased reach, engagement through social media, added to ARC’s fundraising and made inroads with big hitters including Bee Wilson and Nigella Lawson.

If you need someone who dreams big and delivers, send me an email and let’s have a chat.

“Ann immediately understood that Alexandra Rose’s mission is different from other charities and how this makes us different.

Ann’s enthusiasm is infectious, she knows who we should be talking to and gets us those conversations. She dreams big and delivers her ideas every week and every project.”

Jonathan Pauling

Chief Executive, Alexandra Rose Charity

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A modern food campaign

I’m not your average foodie.  Food is central to our needs and our lives, but that doesn’t mean everyone wants  – or needs – to obsess about buying the best quality pasta or the finest sourdough bread.

Food waste is one of the outrages of our times and contributes to global emissions, soil degradation, modern slavery and the story that we need to grow more.  We don’t; we need to eat the food that is grown. StorrCupboard is the end result of a lifetime of cooking, making ends meet, gluttony and thriftines.

StorrCupboard has been featured in the Evening Standard, Psychologies and The Organised Mum Method.  With plans with national charities and waste-management firms, StorrCupboard is changing how people view the food in their fridges and counters away from being a potentially dangerous burden, to being an exciting first step in tomorrow’s supper.

If you want to talk about content for your site, CSR schemes, staff training or events, send me an email and let’s get talking.

“This lady is awesome to follow if you want to reduce your food waste.  I’ve found great hacks”

Lizaboo Ponders

“My boss has defrosted and reorganised her freezer on account of StorrCupboard”


“You’ve changed the way I think about food waste forever, thank you!”

Erin Gershey

Food, science and people.

E-Risk is a twin design longitudinal research study examining gene X environment interactions; interviewing the same twins every few years to see what’s the same, what’s different and why. The ‘why’ could be because of stuff that’s happened to them (environmental) or changes in their DNA (gene). Or, more likely, a combination of both.

Maintaining the support and enthusiasm of study participants over a number of years maintained the integrity of the study. Careful explanation of difficult messages was essential as activities included collecting intravenous blood samples and asking very personal questions around mental health, abuse and income. My work kept the study participants informed and relaxed.

With no background in psychology or science I wrote scientific presentations for academic and peer audiences, managed journalists and worked with academic publishers, in addition to running the business needs (<£4M in budgets across the UK and US). Complex stories need a skilled storyteller to bring them to life.  I digest your story quickly, I listen to find the core story at the heart of your campaign. 

“Ann created stories that helped our study members know why we needed highly personal information, and why that information mattered. 

Her communications with our study participants took care of their needs whilst keeping our integrity intact. 

From designing birthday cards, writing newsletters to phoning people to ask them about their private lives, Ann always knew how to alter her tone and get the information we needed to keep our A* studies running.”

Professors Terrie Moffitt & Avhsalom Caspi

Nannerl O. Keohane University Professor, Departments of Psychology and Neuroscience, Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, and Center for Genomic and Computational Biology. Associate Director, Dunedin Multidisciplinary Health and Development Study, Dept. of Psychology, University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand. Professor of Social Behaviour and Development, MRC Social, Genetic and Developmental Psychiatry Centre, P080, Institute of Psychiatry, King’s College London

Teaching a brand experience

Teaching the public whilst rotating a knife to demonstrate technique and simultaneously chatting about the wonders of beetroot?

Running around a full to capacity pub with giant pans of brown rice and still selling the brand and acquiring new customers?

Riverford don’t make life easy. Teaching hundreds of people new cooking skills on the floor of the then flagship Riverford pub was hot, busy and fun.

How about talking to 400 children about the essential role of poo and worms in mainting our food supply? Prancing around a stage and keeping those children entertained, delivering a brand message so that the staff are comfortable with a business talking to youg minds?

I’ve since devised tailor made classes for new clients concentrating on food waste but if you want a bespoke class, drop me an email and we can chat.

“Ann’s teaching and selling skills are fantastic. We set a target to book events and she handles it all, bringing in excellent numbers and acquisitions. Customers tell me how engaging she is, and she brings her sense of joie de vivre with her as she works – so everyone learns and has fun.”

Paul Jardine, Riverford Franchisee.


The Impact Hub network prides itself on reflecting the needs of its community.  I decided to install a three-pillared strategy to ensure that my storytelling content reflected communities of Brixton and Lambeth, Hub member’s success stories and member’s business needs.

From walking around Brixton and asking local business owners their stories, to interviewing visiting experts and Hub members, and learning about business techniques, I created stories that engaged.

“Ann’s stories are engaging and motivating. She promotes our co-working member’s products and services, gives on-point advice for small businesses and reflects the wider community of Brixton.  We value Ann’s fun writing style and succinct communication” 

Stephanie Gamauf, Commuity Manager


I was approached to write and research the copywriting for stages one and two of the Brixton Pillars website. The lead, Binki Taylor, knew that I had the skill to communicate the delicate message that ‘change is constant’.

The redevelopment of the site was contentious; when interviewing traders, I needed to capture their entrepreneurial spirit, their tenacity and their hopes.

Not every client has the time to create a brief; the work piles up, the deadline is looming. Passion projects mean we all find the work stacking up.

An experienced copywriter should take the time to listen to what’s needed and then work out how to create copy quickly and effectively. I listen to my clients to discover what you need, who you need to talk to and what you need them to hear.

“Ann did a deep dive into getting a good feel for the characters and their stories with research and interviews.  She picked up on the nuances and context in a complex brief and told the story we wanted to tell in a rich narrative that with an authentic tone of voice.  She is organised, diligent and patient – a pleasure to work with.”

Binki Taylor

Brixton Pillars lead