Cut through the faff.
Find the heart.

Tell your unique story to connect with your ideal customers to drive sales.

Stories are 22% more memorable than facts & figures alone.

Neural activity fires up, engaging our thoughts and senses connecting your brand to target customers who will be primed to buy.

Brands working in food, sustainability & science can find their mission bogged down in detail, explaining every last detail and forgetting the joy at the heart of the brand.

Finding the story for your brand, campaign or start up will connect you with your customer, and I’d love to help you to discover your ideal customer.

More about me

I’m Ann Storr, brand storyteller, public speaker & member of the Guild of Food Writers. My work has been featured on BBC Earth, the Guardian, The Observer and, yes, Women’s Weekly. Stories are how we navigate the world and how we connect with the people and the brands that we love.

Based in the rolling hills of north Kent and working across London, I love helping people to articulate their stories (it’s handy that that MA in literature is finally paying off).

My unusual skill set is the result of my value-based mindset: my purpose is to leave this world in a better place than I found it. By helping creative agencies, I provide targeted help to take campaings from muddled to sharp, using my specialist skills to turn campaigns around, uncover details that generalists don’t have, and am the temporary team member needed to deliver groundbreaking campaigns.


Helping organisations to tell connect with customers by telling their stories: here are some of the dynamic change makers who have let me articulate and stragegise their unqiue stories.

building  family brands

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delivering charity campaigns

Fighting Domestic Food Waste

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Telling contentious stories

Street art from Brixton

Work with me

I offer services that help SMEs and startups to grow. By harnessing my story-first approach, I can invigorate your dusty marketing strategy, articulate your brand story, blog your business and help you to connect consistently with your customers.

 I build bundles to make your life easier, but if your organisation needs something a bit different, a little more this and a lot less *that*, just get in touch. 

Get back to being a CEO. Delegate those stories and start building your business.


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Tips for your SME? Not sure how to build your next content calendar? Trend and communications advice? I’m happy to help you grow your business.

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I love a mess and I love making something new and shiny from a ball of chaos.

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