Hi, I’m Ann Storr

I’m a London based food and science PR and writer. With experience spanning disruptors, change making and storytelling, I have been featured on BBC Radio 4’s Food Programme, the Evening Standard and Psychologies.

Building partnerships, increasing strategic reach, telling your story and talking to the people you need, I have the networks you need to grow.

With an unusual background spanning scientific research, small charities, disruptors and lifestyle, I have the depth and variety of skills to let you shine.

If you’re in the market for a complex story to be told, you need some help with networking or building an event, get in touch.

“Ann always finds the way of making a complicated scientific messages understandable for the general public. She makes them colourful and fun to read too. Ann brings hard science to life!”

Professor Louise Arseneault, FMedSci ESRC

Mental Health Leadership Fellow , King’s College, London

Alexandra Rose Charity

Alexandra Rose were offered a leaflet drop by HelloFresh to promote the charity.  Seeing the potential for a multi-channel campaign using the considerable leverage of HelloFresh, I created  ARC’s first campaign’. Briefing photographers and graphic designers to modernise the look & feel of communications, the campaign expanded Facebook followers by 200%, engagement by 1,746% and reach by 25,131%. Strategic networks with high profile stakeholders were secured, opening the door for further work.

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“Ann immediately understood that Alexandra Rose’s mission is different from other charities and how this makes us different.

Ann’s enthusiasm is infectious, she knows who we should be talking to and gets us those conversations. She dreams big and delivers her ideas every week and every project.”

Jonathan Pauling

Chief Executive, Alexandra Rose Charity

Chefs for Families: Fresh Food for Everyone

HelloFresh offered Alexandra Rose the use of their Shoreditch offices for the night. Briefed to increase reach with the public and provide opportunities to reach out to chefs and food writers, I am creating, managing and delivering all aspects of the event (briefing graphic design, photographers, sourcing ingredients, managing the guest list, creating a playlist). Sourcing talent, accessing my network and using social media, I have secured Thom Eagle, Syke Gyngell, Tom Hunt, Lizzie King (Lizzie Loves Healthy), Nicole Pisani, Sudi Pigott and Sue Quinn. Gaining support from Sheila Dillon and Bee Wilson, and prizes from Thomasina Meiers at Wahaca, Honey & Co and Island Social Club, I have already surpassed my brief. 

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As Featured in

A modern food campaign

30-50% of all food that is grown is wasted. 50% of the UK’s food waste is domestic. So, what can be done?

StorrCupboard gives people the tools, recipes and confidence to reduce their food waste. Featured in the Evening Standard, Psychologies and The Food Programme, I am making a difference.

I have created and delivered workshops rated 5/5 for Hubbub,Riverford Organic Farmers and the London Waste & Recycling Board. Using insights from my social audience, I speak to people’s current needs and questions.

Currently seeking funding to improve the UX and scope of StorrCupboard, get in touch if you would like to help make a difference in reducing food waste and combatting climate change.

Available to talk on food waste, deliver CSR packages to reduce your institutional food waste or help your team to lower their personal food waste, get in touch if I can help you to solve one of the biggest problems of the moment.

Ann worked with the Hubbub team to create a unique workshop that exceeded the brief. We wanted our guests to reduce their food waste whilst reflecting the diverse community of Drummond Street.

Ann’s workshop was engaging, creative and educational; her teaching style is warm and authoritative. She’s unflappable, a delight to work with and brimming with ideas to reduce food waste

Tessa Tricks

Creative Partner, Hubbub

Food, science and people.

E-Risk is a twin design longitudinal research study examining gene X environment interactions; interviewing the same twins every few years to see what’s the same, what’s different and why. 

Maintaining the support and enthusiasm of study participants over a number of years maintained the integrity of the study. Careful explanation of difficult messages was essential as activities included collecting intravenous blood samples and asking very personal questions around mental health, abuse and income. My work kept the study participants informed and relaxed.

With no background in psychology or science I wrote scientific presentations for academic and peer audiences, managed journalists and worked with academic publishers, in addition to running the business needs (<£4M in budgets across the UK and US).

Get in touch if you need help to bring your complex story to life. 

“Ann created stories that helped our study members know why we needed highly personal information, and why that information mattered. 

Her communications with our study participants took care of their needs whilst keeping our integrity intact. 

From designing birthday cards, writing newsletters to phoning people to ask them about their private lives, Ann always knew how to alter her tone and get the information we needed to keep our A* studies running.”

Professors Terrie Moffitt & Avshalom Caspi

Duke University, University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand and King’s College London


The Impact Hub network prides itself on reflecting the needs of its community.  I decided to install a three-pillared strategy to ensure that my storytelling content reflected communities of Brixton and Lambeth, Hub member’s success stories and member’s business needs.

From walking around Brixton and asking local business owners their stories, to interviewing visiting experts and Hub members, and learning about business techniques, I created stories that engaged.

Ann’s role as Storyteller included regular blog writing, contributing to the communications strategy and building the organisation’s customer engagement strategy.

We are very impressed with Ann’s work. Her stories are brilliantly written and always on mission. She is engaging, motivating and very reliable. When she started as Storyteller, Ann created a three-pillared structure to make sure that we promote our co-working members products and services, give on-point advice for small businesses and reflect the wider community of Brixton.

Stephanie Gamauf, Community Manager


I was approached to write and research the copywriting by lead, Binki Taylor. She knew I had the skill to communicate the message that ‘change is constant’.

The redevelopment was contentious; I needed to capture the entrepreneurial spirit, tenacity and hopes of the traders.

I will interview your subjects carefully and reflect their story and your needs. We will collaborate on the brief to make sure that your work is delivered on time and on budget.

Get in touch if you want to chat about copywriting.

“Ann did a deep dive into getting a good feel for the characters and their stories with research and interviews.

She picked up on the nuances and context in a complex brief and told the story we wanted to tell in a rich narrative that with an authentic tone of voice.

She is organised, diligent and patient – a pleasure to work with.”

Binki Taylor

Brixton Pillars lead