Your Story: Tell it. Sell it. 

Sick of downloading endless content calendars?

Don’t know how to talk about your business?

Pushing your marketing sessions back every week ?


your story is the simplest, most effective and cheapest way to set you apart from the competition

Stories are 22 times more memorable than facts & figures alone. Our neural activity increases by 500% when we listen to a story, lighting up the sensory cortex in the brain, allowing the listener to feel, hear, taste, and even smell the story.

Your story is unique: it is the one tangible, unique asset that you have to set you apart from your competition. They might grow a similar grape, they might make a heart monitor like yours or talk about food waste. But they don’t have your origin story. They don’t have your journey that customers love to hear.


Woman teaching and gesturing with her hands

Good stories = more sales

Your ideal customer needs to be heard.
They need to know that you are listening to their pleasures, their pains and struggles.

By learning how to tell your story, you can connect with your target customers with warmth, authenticity and humanity. You can reach through the screen and make the connections you need to convert strangers to customers.

But you’ve seen my prices, and you don’t have those funds. That doesn’t stop the fact that you deserve a dynamic, bespoke marketing strategy that will grow your business.

Bringing Ann into our team was one of the best decisions we have made. Her belief and alignment with our desired social impact and our efforts for ethical, eco-friendly production has been electric, the ideas it has sparked have been incredible. What she has actually done is help us shape the message and the meaning, thinking strategically to ensure our brand has a clear purpose and direction.

That feeling of weight being lifted, fog clearing, water un-muddying that is what Ann has given our startup and it is worth far more than we have been able to pay. She’s given us the clarity to think big and the strength to speak boldly, because of that some exciting opportunities have started to come our way. If you need a strategic communications advisor please check her out.

Sam Staincliffe

Founder, Kids Represent

Hi, I’m Ann

I’ve spent nearly 20 years working in communications and marketing with world-leading research psychologists, award winning ethical food retailers and dynamic start-ups seeking to change the world with sustainable, anti-racist and diverse offerings.

Coming with a researcher’s eye, an English postgraduate’s obsession with language, a fashion wannabe’s love of trends and a naive desire to make the world a better place, one organisation at a time, I’ve worked with public sector research institutes, dynamic charities and fast-moving start-ups. So whatever your bottom line, if you’re trying to do something nuanced, complex and you need someone to cherry pick and provide clarity, I’d love to help.


ready to start?

The Strategic Guide to Writing Your Business Story


for 4 week course

Copy for your About page shiny & ready to go

A review of your social media biographies to make sure you’re communicating with clarity

3 hours 1:1 mentoring time

Access to WhatsApp, where you can ask me direct questions, Monday – Friday, 10am – 5pm.

A personalised Trello board to help us keep in touch

A dedicated, cross-sector, MA graduate, storytelling and content expert, on call for the duration (and, really, I’m quite chatty so holla at me on LinkedIn)


Your Story and how to use it to gain media appearances to drive pr


for 4 week course + check-ins

Have all the benefits of the standard package PLUS

Have your story tailored for your social media channels

An additional 1 hour session on your Key Brand Messages 

An introduction in pitching to media for publicity

A 1 and 3 month check in to check how your story is resonating with your customers


How does it work?

Stage 1: who are you?

You receive my Strategic Guide to writing your business story, access to Trello & my WhatsApp connection.

You complete some factfinding for me, and we have a meeting where we set out deadlines.

You submit your first round of work via GDrive or Word (as you prefer) and we move onto…

Stage 2: the details

This is the fun bit. I will have taken your story and been a bit ‘Devil Wears Prada’, red-lining the information no-one cares about and seeing what is unique.

Our second session is me interviewing you to pull out the little glittery details that this magpie is hunting for. 

I submit this round to you, and we move onto  


stage 3: approval

You edit and approve the story and from there I suggest key brand pillars that will communicate your brand story and strategy over social media networks.

We write your About page together, shaping it with clear calls to action. 

That’s it, you’re done! It’s that simple!



Need to get your story seen & Heard?
For £495, you can have all this AND

Have your story tailored for every social media channel you use, from Instagram to LinkedIn

An additional 1 hour session on your Key Brand Messages 

An introduction in pitching to media for publicity

A 1 and 3 month check in to check how your story is resonating with your customers



Knowing how to apply your same, authentic story over different platforms to communicate with clarity from Instagram to LinkedIn

Confidence in the cornerstone of your brand’s messages

Everything you need to pitch yourself and your brand to the media to increase your visibility – and sales

Two check ins to make sure you’re on target and succeeding


“Ann’s  approach to the project, in terms of considering the best way to tell the brand’s story across the website, was fantastic.


Working with you was like having another member of the team”

Alice Crick

Senior Strategist, ifour

“Ann did a deep dive into getting a good feel for the characters and their stories with research and interviews.

She picked up on the nuances and context in a complex brief and told the story we wanted to tell in a rich narrative that with an authentic tone of voice”

Binki Taylor

Brixton Pillars

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the programme start?

Book in your one hour slot, and we can get cracking! I need information from you with 24 business hours notice, but if the time slot is free, book yourself in.

I don’t have an About page: why does a story matter?

Your story is the backbone of structuring how you talk about your business. It’s the magic moments – and working out which ones your audience are not going to find compelling. Your story will help you to pitch to journalists to get publicity, will help you connect with your audience to gain trust and drive sales. It is an essential component to every business.

I’m boring, there’s nothing special about me.

Not true. We all have a story to tell, and I love hearing what people have to say. I will help you to pull out the gems of your story and help you to communicate it to build your confidence, and your business.

What’s Trello?

Trello is a project management tool, fully online. It’s a brilliant tool to keep you accountable, on schedule, and for us to share ideas.

Whatsapp isn’t my cup of tea

I feel you. We can text instead. What matters is that you have support as you go through the process of writing your story and getting it out into the world.

Why so cheap?

I’ve been there. I’ve been trying to articulate what I need, how to get there and not having the capital to invest. You will be writing and I will be editing and interviewing you, questioning you to go deeper to find those golden nuggets. You are the writer, and I am here to listen, to guide and to edit.

Are installments available?

Please email me on

Are discounts available?

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