brand Storytelling: your journey. Your story.

you need to stop hiding behind excuses.

You need to tell your story to grow yoUR BUSINESS.

Business is going well. You’ve bootstrapped, worked every night god sends and not had a holiday for 2 years. You’ve made your passion into your business but there’s something missing.

 Your marketing is flat. Engagement is dropping and you’re staring at a blinking cursor. You know you need to connect more genuinely with your customers but every time you start, it sounds like a corporate report or worse, like a ‘What I did this summer’ school essay. 

You need content that reflects the passion behind your amazing start up or small business. You need a story that lets your customers know why you provide the perfect solution to that nagging problem.

How can something as basic as a little story drive sales?

Stories are 22 times more memorable than facts & figures alone. Our neural activity increases by 500% when we listen to a story, lighting up the sensory cortex in the brain, allowing the listener to feel, hear, taste, and even smell the story.

Your story is unique: it is the one tangible, unique asset that you have to set you apart from your competition. They might grow a similar grape, they might make a heart monitor like yours or talk about food waste. But they don’t have your origin story. They don’t have your journey that customers love to hear.


need some help to get that story out of your head & into your marketing?

Launch yourself

This is for you if you have some clients/products ready to go, but you want to hit the ground running with a story that is ready to communicate your USP with clarity, punch, and heart.

This isn’t for you if you don’t know what you’re trying to sell, you haven’t got as far as registering your domain and you don’t know much about your sector. Download my free Strategic Guide to Telling Your Story then email me when you’re ready to get your story perfected.

Why it matters: your story must be targeted to to the pains and aspirations of your customers; let’s take your precious idea and get you talking to the right customers from day zero.


what do I get?

A one-hour interview and your brand story *

Your target customer(s) fully formed

Key brand messages for succinct copywriting

Brand Pillars, to help you write your marketing strategy in-house


Timeframe: 1-2 weeks


Re-up your story

This is for you if your business is established but it’s time to grow, take back some CEO time and make sure you are on message over every channel and every pitch.

This isn’t for you if you’re just getting started & you’re bootstrapping. Go for the cheaper package, or download my Strategic Guide to Telling Your Story and email me when you’re ready for get your story perfected.

Why it matters: your story must be targeted to to the pains and aspirations of your customers; let’s take your precious idea and get you talking to the right customers from day zero.


what do I get?

Two-hour kickoff workshop

Updated brand story to reach new audiences

Revised Mission, Vision and Values statements

Your target customer(s) fully formed

Key brand messages for succinct copywriting

Brand Pillars, to help you write your marketing strategy in-house

Strategy: multichannel social media strategy for coherent story over socials, content marketing and media pitches

Timeframe: 2-4 weeks


Hi, I’m ann.

I’ve spent nearly 20 years working in communications and marketing with world-leading research psychologists, award winning ethical food retailers and dynamic start-ups seeking to change the world with sustainable, anti-racist and diverse offerings.

Coming with a researcher’s eye, an English postgraduate’s obsession with language, a fashion wannabe’s love of trends and a naive desire to make the world a better place, one organisation at a time, I’ve worked with public sector research institutes, dynamic charities and fast-moving start-ups. So whatever your bottom line, if you’re trying to do something nuanced, complex and you need someone to cherry pick and provide clarity, I’d love to help.


how it works

Stage 1: who are you?

We workshop your story: your unique driver and motivations, where you started, the problem that you are solving. You tell me what makes you tick and how that affects your business.

You tell me where you want to be – if there has been a pivot in who you serve and how. 

Ideal customer: we create fully rounded target customers to identify who you are selling to and how to make sure you ar communicating with them.

Stage 2: the details

This is where you get to sit back and as I build your new story.

With background information confirmed and your customer(s) agreed upon, I draft your unique business story and messages, and how those will connect with your ideal customer(s). If needed, your new tone of voice will be reflected in the story.

For Maxi package customers I will work on new/updated brand messages, pillars and themes that reflect your story and the customer’s needs.



stage 3: approval

You receive the draft of story, langauge and pillars (as per your package).

Maxi package customers will own new guidelines about how to apply  their story strategically over social media channel with coherence and clarity. 

Maxi package customers will have an additional session to create a template for pitching to media, print, broadcast and podcast.

Now, go and tell the world  your story and grow your business!




 don’t just take my word for it…

Ann shaped the message and the meaning, thinking strategically to ensure our brand has a clear purpose and direction. That feeling of weight being lifted, fog clearing, water un-muddying that is what Ann has given our startup. She’s given us the clarity to think big and the strength to speak boldly, and because of that some exciting opportunities have started to come our way.

Sam Staincliffe

Founder , Kids Represent

Are you ready to tell your story boldly, with confidence, to grow your business?

Frequently Asked Questions

who is this service for?

This storytelling service is for organisations and businesses who are established and are ready to take their business to the next level. They may have in-house marketeers who would like a expert set of eyes on the brand story before taking back in-house.

how do i know if this is for me?

If you’re just starting out and you don’t know who you’re selling to, what needs you are servicing. Download my free guide to telling your story or join my “Your Story” course where you’ll tell your business story through 4 sessions, split over a 4-8 week period.

What types of organisations do you work with?

I work with many individuals and businesses such as SMEs, agencies, start-ups, entrepreneurs, freelancers and more.

My experience is based across academic research, charities, not-for-profits and profit-based retailers. I’ve worked in pure communications, marketing and sales. I’m always learning. That gives me a unique skill set for helping food, sustainability and psychology organisations.

I don’t have an About page: why does a story matter?

Your story is the backbone of structuring how you talk about your business. It’s the magic moments – and working out which ones your audience are not going to find compelling. Your story will help you to pitch to journalists to get publicity, will help you connect with your audience to gain trust and drive sales. It is an essential component to every business.

I’m boring, there’s nothing special about me.

Not true. We all have a story to tell, and I love hearing what people have to say. I will help you to pull out the gems of your story and help you to communicate it to build your confidence, and your business.

Who owns the copyright?

At the point that my invoice is paid, you own the copyright and ca across your website, reports, social media channels etc. Until my invoice is paid I retain sole copyright.


I can’t afford this right now but I need a story – what can you do?

I hear you; sign up to my ‘Your Story: Tell it. Sell it’ package. It’s cheaper because I am guiding and mentoring you. 


I need something in-between two packages? ARGH?! 

Book in a discovery call and let’s get you sorted.

need something more bespoke?

Project doesn’t fit into the box?
I love a mess and I love making something new and shiny from a ball of chaos.

Give me a call and let’s see what help you need.