Blogging: your seo, your sales

Sick of spending CEO time on researching and writing blogs? Let’s get you working to your strengths.

You’ve built your business from scratch, making sure you source the most ethical fabrics for your toy line, that your new device is costed so well that it truly can help families 

But SEO is slipping. There’s no way your calendar has even 2 hours to spend writing a blog, researching new trends and insights that will delight your loyal audience. a whole day to research and write the content that you need to optimise your SEO, to populate your newsletters and social media. The job just gets bigger, the weeks slip by.

Let’s get you back to being the CEO and stop sabotaging your schedule with creative, and the sinking feeling you get when you accidentally click on your blog page. You navigate, I drive. The perfect match.

Work to your strengths. Outsource the headaches.


This is for you if your business is starting to grow, you don’t have time to resesarch and write great, compelling blog posts that your audience will enjoy.

This isn’t for you if you don’t have a clear idea on your target customer, what problem you’re solving or you don’t have a marketing strategy. Just shoving content on your site is not going to drive sales: download my guide to telling your story, or sign up for my Your Story: Tell it, Sell it course.

Why it matters: content is king. You own your site. SEO – Search Engine Optimisation – means you need to add regular content. Blogging means you can keep your site active and tell Google to keep checking back in and keep you visible.

what do I get?

Up to 1,200 words a month over 1-2 blogs *

Case studies

Two rounds of edits & copy approval




Notice: 2 working days **


Re-up your story

This is for you if your business is established and you need high-quality content that features case-studies, footnoted and researched pieces.

This isn’t for you if you’re just getting started and you don’t know who you’re talking to and don’t have a dedicated page on your site for blogs.  Go for my smaller package or download my Stragegic Guide to Telling Your Story to start working out your customer and let me know when you’re ready to grow.

Why it matters: content marketing is king. Blogs not only give google your SEO juice, they also provide your audience with a reason to come back to your site and remember why you are their go-to organisation. Apps can be deleted and social media networks erased – your blogs are your IP and a strategic part of your growth.

what do I get?

Up to 2,000 words a month over 1-4 blogs

Case studies


Research including consumer, academic, clinical and media

Image selection

Creation of graphs

Infographics incur additional charge *


Notice: 2 working days **


* note: these prices are for blogs commissioned with <24 hours notice. >24 hours notice prices are negotiated on a case by case basis. Please contact me for more information.

How it works


stage one: who are you?

You explain your organisation’s needs: do you need increased visibility, content that can be repurposed over blogs, email marketing & social? I’m on it.

You share with me: your marketing strategy, ideal customer and SEO reports. Don’t know what I’m talking about? Go back to my free download or take my course.

Stage Two: The stories

You give me themes to research and write about, or I can pitch you ideas. We agree core themes for the coming period of engagement (say, one month or a longer term period), how the blogs will function as part of your content marketing and visibility.

I research and write your blogs posts, adding SEO keywords.

stage Three: story time

You receive the agreed number of blogs, optimised for SEO, geared to your customer, aligned to your marketing strategy containing clear calls to action. Two rounds of edits are included in the price.

Regular blogging is your fastest way to build SEO strength, so watch your google scores rise and enjoy taking back your CEO time.


don’t just take my word for it


“Ann did a deep dive into getting a good feel for the characters and their stories with research and interviews.

She picked up on the nuances and context in a complex brief and told the story we wanted to tell in a rich narrative that with an authentic tone of voice. Ann is a pleasure to work with.”

Binki Taylor, Brixton Pillars Creative Lead

Hi, I’m Ann. Writing compelling blog content makes me very happy. I’ve spent nearly 20 years working in communications and marketing with world-leading research psychologists, award winning ethical food retailers and dynamic start-ups seeking to change the world with sustainable, anti-racist and diverse offerings.

Coming with a researcher’s eye, an English postgraduate’s obsession with language, a fashion wannabe’s love of trends and a naive desire to make the world a better place I offer content that will inform and delight your audience.

I can turn around blogs in under 24 hours (prices vary) on topics around food, sustainability and psychology. 


Frequently Asked Questions

who is this service for?

My professional blogging services is perfect for businesses and/or entrepreneurs who are looking for high quality content on a recurring monthly basis, instead of hiring full-time. Additionally, it also works well for companies with full-time marketeers, who are looking to outsource additional work to free up workload for employees.  

What types of organisations do you work with?

I work with many individuals and businesses such as SMEs, agencies, start-ups, entrepreneurs, freelancers and more.

My experience is based across academic research, charities, not-for-profits and profit-based retailers. I’ve worked in pure communications, marketing and sales. I’m always learning. That gives me a unique skill set for helping food, sustainability and psychology organisations.

How does this work?

Book in your call and we can talk about your needs. Maybe you need a simple package to elevate your small-batch cider distillery, to talk about the problems with thus year’s harvest, or you’re looking for well-resarched blogs about developments in the Big 5 Personality traits. Let’s chat and make this drive traffic – and sales.

Who chooses the blog articles?

Clients usually drive this, at the outset as you know your audience. We agree the brief for each piece, set out in writing, e.g., number of words, imagery (if included in your package) and deadlines. 
As the working relationship continues I will suggest more topics and take over the driving, saving you more time and money.


What about research? why is that more?

Blogs exist to drive traffic to your website; this is more important than any other platform because you own your site. To drive people to continue to visit your site through your marketing, blogs have got to inform and/or entertain. Research is part of this.

Who owns the copyright?

At the point that my invoice is paid, you own the copyright and can re-use the blogs across social media and email marketing (I can help you with that, too). Until my invoice is paid I retain sole copyright.


I just want a trial, is that okay?

Of course; again, book in a call and let’s chat. The price is the same.

How do I pay?

Invoicing and PayPal are both accepted.


Why do you work on retainer?

Long term it saves you time and money; one half hour chat a month to get your blogging needs taken care of will pay off!


How do i cancel?

I require 30 day’s written notice. Please ensure to cancel recurring payments.


need something more bespoke?

Project doesn’t fit into the box?
I love a mess and I love making something new and shiny from a ball of chaos.

Give me a call and let’s see what help you need.