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I’m Ann Storr, brand storyteller, public speaker & member of the Guild of Food Writers (I’ve been called many things, AnnStorr is one, but never Annie. We’ll never speak again if you insist on trying…)

My work has been featured in BBC Earth, the Guardian, The Observer and, yes, Women’s Weekly. Stories are how we navigate the world and how we connect with the people and the brands that we love. I love them so much that I taught myself to read from my Beatrix Potter pillowcase, aged 3.

Based in Kent and working across London, when I’m not working, being a mum to teenagers or buying shoulder breaking fashion magazines, you may spot me in a high-vis trimmed coat, attempting to walk the World’s Laziest Greyhound, Robbie.

I’ve worked on international psychological research projects, (I can still swap between “behaviour” and “behavior” without thinking); I’ve sold DTC in muddy fields and gate-crashed invite only events to get that connection for my clients. I’ve practically rugby tackled Prue Leith and cooked with Rachel Roddy. My fridge has a constant supply of food waste concoctions but I’ve given up baking my own bread. I admit defeat. 

My unusual skill set is the result of my value-based mindset: my purpose is to leave this world in a better place than I found it. Helping SMEs & start-ups to communicate with heart and with stratgy means I’m both learning about their businesses and helping them to make the world better place, one conscious choice at a time.

Using my specialist skills to turn campaigns around, uncover details that generalists don’t have, and am the temporary team member needed to deliver groundbreaking campaigns.

Ann Storr Comunications

Working with entrepreneurs allows my breadth of skill and passion to drive results, tell new stories and connect with customers to drive sales.


To me, storytelling is the central foundation to a coherent, strategic and simple marketing strategy. Offering packages to help SMEs and startups to outsource their food or science blogs, to write founding stories to take you from muddled to confident pitching to podcasts or collab-friendly storywriting courses, your unique story will connect you and your ideal customer.

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